Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The final countdown: Pregnancy – 39 weeks

Ah, the waiting is over. Gestation has ended and we have birthed – a new kitchen! The kitchen is finally put back together and the baby’s room is ready. I finally feel ready for her to arrive. I’m still a bit conflicted on it – partly, I’m ready to be done being pregnant, but I’m not sure I’m ready to be a parent! But the silly reason is – I will hit my one year anniversary at work exactly one week after her due date. It makes life so much easier for FMLA and all that if I get to that anniversary. My boss doesn’t care if I take extra time off, so it really SHOULDN’T matter, but it’s nice to be protected – esp. in a layoff rich environment… So on the one hand, I’d really just like to be done. I’m done with being pregnant and I’m sick of the training / hand offs at work and all that. But on the other, what’s one extra week (well, it’s 2 more than now and that’s a lot!)? And – this is the really silly part… there is something “nice” and comforting about having it on a schedule – if I’m induced, labor won’t surprise me!

Anyway, regardless of whether I am ready or not, she is definitely not. My munchkin is pretty happily – swimming in her 98.6 degree Jacuzzi, as my friend says (she refers to hers as “the squatter.”) – and the eviction is not coming quite yet.

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