Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Morning sickness should stop at the end of the first trimester – ha!

I probably started feeling a little queasy from the moment I found out I was pregnant. Truth be told, I knew things weren’t sitting right a few days before that. But most of the early morning sickness was probably psychosomatic. Yes, I’m one of THOSE people… I wasn’t too worried about it and it didn’t really last much. Until…

Right around week 10, things started to pick up. You know, it’s not like I’m so psyched to go to work in the morning anyway – especially not with pregnancy fatigue – so adding in the pit stops on the drive in where I pull over to christen someone’s lawn has not been so much fun… I’ve gotten a couple of lawns and the parking lot at work, but recently I’ve started to favor the Target which is just shy of my office. I can’t quite make it to the building and must stop short to visit this parking lot a few mornings a week. I guess I shouldn’t have whined so much about that, though, as most recently I haven’t QUITE made it to the parking lot – thank God I’m anal retentive enough to plan for this and have a plastic bag in the car for such occasions. I’m also amazed at what will set me off now – it’s all kind of crazy. I was doing pretty well eating the frozen “healthy” lunches for several weeks, but when I went to put mine in the fridge the other day, the mere site of the butternut squash box sent me running for the bathroom! Thank God I made it – barely.

I think it’s just been picking up since there, sadly – and I thought it was meant to be winding down now! It’s not every day – only a couple days a week – but at least one is usually kick my butt, keep me in bed all day. (I’m going to write separately on our trip, but I’ll comment for the moment that flying was NOT fun in this state.) The one really bad day for some reason tends to be Sunday – I think possibly the baby isn’t Catholic, as it tends to start up in church. I haven’t made it through a whole mass without a restroom (or plants outside…) run in several weeks.

What kills me is every time I look it up in a book or online it says – now that you are at week 14, 15, 16 – your morning sickness should be over and you should be starting to feel a lot better. I want to throw the baby book at the offending message on the screen! No! I don’t feel better as it happens. I’m still going through bouts of throwing up recognizable food (my stomach is like a really gross cuisinart) – which, still being in pieces, scratches my throat on the way up! My husband, being very sweet, actually went to the store specifically in search of – things it won’t hurt so much to throw up. Really? Really, this is how we judge nutritional value now? Ugh… Ah well, off to enjoy my carnation instant breakfast and consommé. Maybe I’ll have some jello for dessert.

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