Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Not really a giveaway - but some coupons

I generally don’t do giveaways or much along the lines of schilling, but I happened to have gotten a good offer so I wanted to pass it on. Here’s my full disclosure – no, I’m not getting paid or free tickets or any sort of prize or remuneration for doing this. But I love coupons! And this, my readers, is a coupon for you! I don’t think too many live in the DC area, so I’m not sure how useful it is, but I thought I’d pass it on just in case. I’m including the info (exactly as sent to me) for 30% off for the Big Apple Circus in case it’s of use to anyone. Here it is:

Information regarding the promo code is as follows (please do not edit):
To purchase your discounted tickets to the Big Apple Circus:
Online: http://bigapplecircus.org/dullespop.aspx and submit the code POP10 in the Promotional Codes box
By Phone: CALL 888-541-3750 and mention code POP10
In Person: Big Top Box Office 10AM–6PM daily. No service fee. Bring a copy of this blog post
*Offer good on select seat locations and performances. Must present this blog post to receive discount at the box office. Performance schedule subject to change. Offer is subject to availability; not valid on prior purchases; cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions. This offer can be revoked at any time. Discount amount varies. Limit 8 tickets per order. No refunds or exchanges. Telephone and Internet orders are subject to standard service fees.

OK, that said. We went to Big Apple Circus a couple of years ago – yes, before kids. I don’t know… we’re masochistic that way? No seriously. My husband had mentioned he thought it would be fun to go to the circus, so I got him tickets for his birthday. So my thoughts – I can vaguely remember going to the circus as a child and my recollections were of the “lions and tigers and bears (Oh my!)” variety – you know, a total spectacle / show. While the Big Apple Circus is fun, it’s a much smaller scale than that – the animals include horses and dogs rather than the full scale wild variety. However, that said, it’s WAY cheaper than Barnum and Bailey! I mean, I think it’s about half the price (and less with the handy dandy coupon). So for a more economical fun way to introduce your kids to the circus, I think you might enjoy – just don’t go expecting Barnum and Bailey or you'll be disappointed. Hmm… with this review I’m thinking they might not send me the coupon again when the munchkin is old enough to come along with us… Ah the risks I take for full disclosure for you.

And, as long as we’re going down the coupon path, why not totally sell out? OK, just kidding. Once again – here’s the whole story. I learned about this service via an email a few weeks ago and thought it was kind of a cool idea, so I forwarded it to a bunch of friends. I’m including “my” link so if you sign up and use the service at all, I will get a $10 credit on my next purchase. (If you sign up, you’ll get a similar link you can forward to friends for your own credit.) But you can also sign up without my link and that’s fine too. I just think it’s kind of cool and if I’m going the coupon route, why not throw this in?

The site is called groupon (http://www.groupon.com/r/uu1209198). Basically it uses the internet to take advantage of the group discount concept. So each day they negotiate a deal with a local vendor (you set it for your geographic area) and if enough people sign up for the service, you get a group discount rate. If not enough people sign up, there’s no commitment to buy and no discount.

Sorry for schilling today, but really this is not the sign of sell outs to come! Both just seemed like useful discounts to me so I wanted to pass them along. As the type of person who tends to do a search on “Quiznos coupons” (or name the restaurant of your choice) before going to lunch, I had to pass them on.

So for today’s prompt – let me know if you consider this too big a sell out or too annoying. I probably won’t do many of these promos, as I only want to pass on things I find useful or would use myself, but if you as the readers hate them, consider this my last one. Or let me know if you find this at all useful or like it – or, better yet, if you have any good discounts to share! ;)

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