Wednesday, March 24, 2010

And now for my Wednesday morning reality check..

Oh wow - talk about Queen for a day! That was AMAZING! Everyone was just SO kind and the comment love gave such a warm fuzzy glow to an overcast day in NoVa.

And now... um, so, wait, do you mean that a couple hundred people won't be coming by my blog to say hi and comment EVERY day? Huh? Is this my SITs day hangover? ;)

Just kidding! But it was awesome - I felt like a celebrity for a day! And it was just great to get a chance to get that exposure to try to make some connections. (I don't think I quite appreciated what a good idea sits was before! Now I want to start 5 more sites like it - to combat the sits hangover!) And I've already started to find some great new sites and kindred spirits - though I still have a lot more visiting to do!

Hmm - I usually like to have a prompt, but I've been so "all about me" the last couple of days, I haven't set myself up so well. So, I admit this one is random, but I'm feeling a bit inspired by our first taste of spring this past weekend (which has been so callously ripped from our hands by cold rain this week!). What are your favorite things about spring? Your favorite springtime activities? Or, if not a fan of spring, what's your favorite season?


  1. Let me know how the yogurt works for you and the little one!

    I'll be following you!

  2. Oh I LOVE spring. My big thing in spring is starting a garden... Next month we should be all set to go get some plants and start yayyyy! I love working in my yard even though I always kill the plants and we never get as much from our little garden as I want LOL. I also love just being able to take the kids out and run them ragged until bedtime! I do not love the allergies and pollen that come with spring though :P

  3. Don't worry, I and I am sure many other visitors from yesterday will continue to drop by. I hope you enjoyed being Queen of SITS for the day! I love spring and summer but my favorite season is the autumn, I love all the fall color. The only season I do not like is winter - I do not like the cold at all and this has been a long and cold winter. We had snow again last weekend, six inches of it and sub zero temperatures so I am really looking forward to the warm weather this year.

  4. I am still dropping by :)

    I like spring only because it means winter is over. Otherwise I don't like it. Rain means the kid can't play outside and the dog tracks mud through the house. My favorite season is fall. Perfect temperatures, pretty colors, leaves falling that you can kick in the air. The smell of fall is a smell that can't be beat.

  5. I'm back! I'm always happy to support blogger in my 'hood and you're awesome!

  6. I'm chomping at the bit for spring. I'm ready. Even though Fall will always be my favorite.

    Hangover is right. You got like a BAJILLION comments yesterday!! WHOOPWHOOP!

    I'm gonna flash ya my tattoo in one of my OOTD posts this weekend. (Chill, peeps, it's on my FINGER. ;D)

    Thanks for the blog-linking. YAY!

  7. Being Queen for a Day is something we all need, so revel revel revel!!!! I am usually not a fan of Spring, but this year I am really excited about it, not sure why. :-) It is nice not to be under layers of clothing and feeling cold all the time!

  8. My favorite Spring/Summer activity, is taking my little girl to the park! I love picnics, wearing a tank top (to make sure a get a nice tan) and just basking in the sun!

    Sorry about your SITS hangover, but don't worry, I'll still be bringing you some comment love!

  9. spring is all right, i guess, but a little too fickle for me. i prefer fall because the days are still warm, the nights are cool, and christmas is just around the corner. hope your hangover's not too bad...try some aspirin. just kidding.

    see ya around!


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