Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My thoughts on snow

In a break from the CONSTANT snow, yesterday was a nasty day of cold and icky rain. Until sometime in the evening... when I noticed the rain had become cold, wet snow. UGH! I called my husband and told him that if it stuck to the ground, I was considering euthanasia (with this much snow, we're up to "putting us out of our misery and constant pain" status). This reminded me that I had a few pictures to share on the subject.

The first comes from Eva at Wresting with Retirement.

The second a friend sent me with the note that Summer is almost here - we can see the dear moving around in the backyard, so it won't be long now...


  1. We haven't had any snow all year and it makes me sad.

  2. WOW!
    in Atlanta we call 2 inhes a blizzard...and have had that happen a couple times this year which is a suprise! I dont think i would like that much snow all the time

  3. Oh, you MUST come read my post from Tuesday where I spoke briefly on the topic of snow and posted a couple of recent pictures. I must warn you though, our opinions on the subject are vastly different. :0) It is probably because like Jessica, I, too, am from the Atlanta area and we just don't get to see the 'white stuff' very often. Therefore, lots of us are just so tickled pink when we finally do!

    I'm stopping by from SITS! I wanted to share a bit of comment love.♥

    I hope that, despite the snow, you are having a wonderful day!

    Teresa <><

  4. Oh, and I just read your profile and saw that your husband is a FF/Paramedic! My husband is a retired FF/Paramedic and I'm a retired Paramedic. No, we're not really old, we just started at a very young age and retired at a fairly young age. :^)

    You should come check out the post I did last week about the time my husband was featured on the TV show, RESCUE 911. It is really neat!

    Hope to see you soon!


    Teresa <><

  5. March is always the worst - by this time of year I am so over winter!

  6. my dad sent me one of the middle finger and the word 'snow' by it.

  7. Love these photographs. The deers are so cute!

    Hope you have a chance to come say hi.

    Cheers, Lia


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