Monday, March 22, 2010

For the first time ever…I am in favor of springing forward!

OK, my title is a little misleading. See the whole time change thing has pluses and minuses every time, so each time it happens I celebrate my pluses – in spring, hey it’s light out an hour later and in fall, hey I don’t have to get up in the dark – complain about the minuses – in spring, jeez, I HATE getting up in the dark! Why do I have to do this again? And in Fall, man, it gets dark SO early! But always in the past, Fall would win out because you get to sleep an extra hour / get an extra hour of weekend. So Monday comes along and you feel like you get to sleep in and all is right with the world. And in Spring – the opposite and damn those time changing bastards.

But this year! This year! It is different as I have a toddler. Someone explained to me Monday that this time next year I’d learn that toddlers don’t follow the time change and that would be such a pain. No, no, my friend! That is a pain in the fall when your toddler insists on getting up at o’dark o’clock well before your alarm and is raring to go. I cursed whoever came up with this entirely stupid idea then.

But Spring! Oh lovely spring! My 13 month old has no idea that the clocks have changed. So whereas before I’d been desperately trying to push her bedtime back to 8pm so that she’d stop waking up before 7 (sometimes before 6). Now, oh sweet gods of the time change, she is cured! (It’s a miracle – can I get an amen?!) She easily stays up till 8:30 and, dude (DUDE!), she has slept in till 7:30 – or even 8:30 when that last hour is spent sleeping on Daddy! (Admittedly, the morning snooze bar of sleeping on daddy has started the night time waking cycle a bit again and we are back to some sleep training, but I am choosing to ignore this.)

I’m wondering how long I can keep this going for… Keeping in mind that it does mean that I have to stay up till at least 8:30 and therein lies the problem…

What time do your kids go to be / get up? How do you shift the needle on that to get a few extra z’s in the morning? When was the last time you actually got to sleep in? And what’s the secret on that?!


  1. I am blessed with the best sleeping baby ever. Grace goes to bed at about 8p every night, and I have to wake her up at 7a. If don't wake her up, she'll usually sleep until 8-9a. Then, she's only up for an hour or two and then she wants a mid-morning nap.

    Babywise. I swear by their sleeping methodology.

  2. Graham sleeps from 7pm to 6:30am. We can sometimes extend the 6:30 to 7:30 if we bring him in bed with us. But yea, we don't get to sleep in.

  3. It lasts for about a week, if you're really quiet when you get up in the morning. Then it's back to reality. But hey, a whole week! Happy SITS Day!

  4. I totally agree with you, the hour lost is definitely not a blessing pre-mommydom but with a toddler it is great. Only thing is in our house it only lasted for two days and now we are back to a 6:15am wake up call......

  5. Ha, I love this. I dont' have kids, but it sounds like a wonderful, joyous time. I do hate getting up in the's put me in the foulest mood the past week and a half.

  6. Yeah, that's why babies are so dang cute, because who else would we tolerate waking us up so dang early in the morning?

  7. Hilarious. I had the exact same reversal in attitude toward time change from loving the fall back to loving the spring forward. It lasted a few days for us before he adjusted back to his usual early to bed, early to rise. How about your little one? Is she back to the regular schedule, or has she kept the hour later?


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