Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Quote of the day

My husband just called to tell me he’s worried our daughter may grow up thinking her name is “NO!”

I put plug covers / outlet protectors on the plugs in her bedroom the other day and apparently she finds them very intriguing. The second my husband puts her down she beelines for them! I asked if she could get them out and he said she’d gotten one about halfway (even though these are the ones you’re supposed to have to push to pull out). When not playing with electricity, apparently she’s a big fan of trying to pull herself up on the (still empty and therefore not balanced) bookshelf.

She gets this from him.


  1. she really won't think her name is no

    trust me :)

  2. I feel your pain. I switched it up to 'Not for babies'. Sometimes The Cute obeys. Sometimes she ignores. Sometimes she melts down.

    Our battles are the router-cable-box-thingy and the wireless adapter for the computer. Both have blinky lights. Both, apparently, look delish.



  3. She might not think it is her name - but it might be her first word!


  4. We try to save no for the big things but man, those little people have radar for the very thing they are not supposed to play with. And they're quick too.


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