Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Moving – the munchkin adjusts to the new house and everyone else adjusts to me sleep deprived (like it or not!)

This is a little late in coming, but got kind of lost in the holiday posts, so here it is -

Day 1 in the new house, the munchkin was up most of the night – not necessarily wanting to eat, but at least to be held. Every time I went to put her down, she cried. I finally looked at my husband at midnight and said, I need you to take a turn. I’m not sure when he made it to bed, but I was up with the next cries around 4. Oh dear God.

Day 2 in the new house –
Sleep seemed a little easier in coming – till she woke up at 1:30 and refused to go back to sleep. By 3 I finally had her back down, but my sanity was lost in the night.

Was it just the new place? Was she scared? Was it separation anxiety? Was it extra light from outside because the prior owners took their curtains and we haven’t yet found the box that has our curtains?!?!? (I’m personally loving that one myself. I’ve been changing in the closet since we moved.)

Day 3 in the new house – we started the break through and she was up only once. Thank God.

And then Day 4 in the new house – was like an epiphany! She slept through till nearly 8 am. It was like a vacation – God’s own personal snow day for us! I thought – this is great! I love this house! Maybe she just woke up so much at my in laws because there were more noises there (it seemed like someone was always awake!).

But it was not to last. And we’re back to wondering – how on earth do we get this kid to sleep consistently? Some nights she sleeps through, but some nights can be so long. The other night we went with the theory that if the crying wasn’t too tortured, we’d let her cry it out. I was so tired, guilt didn’t even keep me up when we turned off the monitor!

Oh, fingers crossed! Not just for me, but for all I come into contact with! I am not good without sleep…


  1. My almost twelve month old likes to tease us with a few nights of good sleep then it all falls apart. We ahve had a few now but I never know if it will last. Teething seems to be really hard on Bruiser and that is what caused the last round of night waking. Hoping things improve for you.

  2. Lack of sleep is crazy-making. And going back to the sleep-training after they used to sleep through the night? Torture. It's like they missed the memo that this phase of our lives is OVER. We all must sleep! Hope it's getting better.


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