Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Looking back at 2009 - whoa, I'm tired

I know I’m a little late to post this, but…

On New Year’s Eve, my husband and I stopped to look back at 2009. He started to ask, as he always does, what my favorite thing of the year was – but realized it had to be the baby. Then he paused to note that really a lot has changed this year – new baby, new car, new house… I thought about it and realized that something really pretty big has happened nearly every month this year! So here’s my highlights of 2009, year in review (a little late)

January – finished the kitchen (just in time as I was already full term when we finally got this one done!)
February – after an extra 8 days of wondering, when will this person arrive?, I was induced and my munchkin arrived!
March – OK, so most of March’s big thing was still recovering from February’s big thing! But, for its own unique events, we did baptize the baby and host a pretty decent sized party for that (amazing as it wasn’t much before that that I could barely fathom 2 people coming over!) and my Mom left – so I was on my own with this littler person!
April – we go the new car
May – We took our first plane trip with the baby. I went back to work.
June – My husband graduated from his paramedic program and won an award for being the top of his class. (And, hello!, I started blogging!)
July – I changed to part time.
August – We won a contract on a house, rented out our condo and moved out!
September – The contract fell through and we spent a lot of time looking for another house (while living with my in laws)! We finally found one and put in a contract at the end of the month.
October – we closed on our house! But leased back for 3 weeks.
November – we finally took possession of the house! And realized a lot more work than we thought was needed before we could actually move in.
December – we finally moved into the house!

Top that, 2010!

Wait, wait! I take that back! Do NOT top that! I’d like a nice quiet year! Unless the excitement is winning the lottery, finding an awesome job I love or actually pulling my stuff together to take all these notes and thoughts and turn them into something real (yes, I am that clichéd blogger who wishes she had the stamina and, let’s face it, talent, to write a book). That excitement I can take. Other than that, a relatively slow 2010 would be just fine by me…


  1. Busy, busy.


    We both had babies in Feb. And I think we started blogging at the same time. It's getting a little Twilight Zone in here...


  2. Wow...talk about an action-packed 2009!!! Here is to hoping your 2010 calms down a bit :)


  3. 2009 was a big year here too. Congrats on the house.


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