Friday, January 15, 2010

The move continued

Following on my last blog of what’s fun / what’s not fun of owning your new house – moving is NOT fun! I’m not sure we’ll ever get this place sorted. I finally felt like I’d made progress in the living room (box storage heaven – or really, hell) and my husband got the last (well, almost last. Cause, no, there’s still more) load from his parents house and it seems to be full up again! Oh man. I’m beginning to worry that we’re like those packrat people. The ones with the disorder where you can’t walk through their house because it’s piled with newspapers and junk? Except ours is piled with boxes and bubble wrap and used newspapers…

Can you drown in that stuff?

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  1. My husband is of the opinion that we should just burn the old house and start over if we ever have to move. Thinking about it, I can see his point.


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