Wednesday, June 23, 2010

That 4:00 o'clock feeling

For me, that 4:00 o'clock feeling is some combination of the following:

1. Check the to do list to make sure there's not something random and major that really needs to be done today before I go home.
2. Speed up on whatever I'm working on so it will be done sometime in the vicinity of 5 (5:30 is in the vicinity of 5. 6 is probably not an easy walk - you might want to drive. 8 pm? That's a plane ride, my friend.)
3. If I feel like I've done NOTHING all day (it happens), check and make sure that there wasn't a big SOMETHING I was meant to be doing.
4. Also check that internal to do list of the personal things I meant to get done that I'll be too tired to do in the evening / will never get done on the weekend (credit card payment sent yet?)
5. And if I'm really really feeling organized / optimistic, think about what we might do for dinner - possibly look up a recipe or ask the hubby about it (so I'm not running to the store and getting home to start cooking at 7. See yesterday.)

My boss's 4 o'clock feeling seems to go more like this:
Hmm - got this email from [me] this morning about a project. I should look at that. Then gets distracted. Somewhere around 4:45, he gets to looking at it and right around 4:59 calls me for the changes he'd like today.

OK, I'm exaggerating. I'm not sure there's a 45 minute process. I think it might be around 4:55 that he realizes I'm going to leave soon and needs to call me before. About something I sent him 6 hours ago. This is most popular on Wednesdays, as I'm part time and don't work Thurs or Fri (which explains why I leave somewhere in the vicinity of 5).

In the case of today, it's a meeting scheduled for 4 to discuss the status of something my coworker sent at 8:15. Maybe I better call the hubby to make sure he's shopping for dinner now (last night when I got home and asked about dinner he suggested - let's just eat tomorrow.).


  1. This post made me pretty annoyed at your boss. I'm feeling ornery tonight.

  2. Yeah...I had a boss like that too!! Used to make me so mad that I would send him an email at 8:30a - that I know he would get b/c he had a friggin' black berry - and not do anything with it until 5 minutes before I was leaving. It wasn't like he would do anything else all day - but watch his cat on a web cam...for seriously...


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