Thursday, June 10, 2010

And now for some answers

In response to my request to know what you want to know/hear about, Ian immediately jumped up with the following questions:

What do you want to get out of blogging?

When I started… hmm… well, I think at the beginning maybe I did have some dreams of “setting the world on fire” and really going somewhere with all this. Could it be my new career? Ha – probably not! But… I think that was just what got me thinking about it in the first place. Even not knowing how many bloggers are out there, I knew that was pretty unlikely. And, honestly, I’m not sure that would have motivated me to move forward. It definitely would not have motivated to keep it up!

The REAL reason was… I started blogging right around the time I went back to work. I’d been writing different things – drafts and lists and thoughts and all that – but my mind had been all over. This was true all through pregnancy, but the real stress came when the baby arrived! No matter what anyone had said, no one prepared me for the crazy hormones! And then, the decision to go back to work, to leave my job, wait no – to stay at my job part time – those were impossible / crazy / like nothing else. Around the time I started to blog, I was finally thinking I was finding some balance. And I wanted to share some of process in case it could help anyone else.

What are your goals?

Well, the big one was to honestly share some of the fears / challenges / disasters – and greatness that was going on so that other people feeling scared, overwhelmed or like a disaster themselves could see they weren’t alone in it – and particularly as it was getting better to share the light at the end of the tunnel. I don’t think I realized how many more fears and challenges (and disasters!) were yet to come – or how much greatness.

Now my goals are more, hmm, concrete – to try to write reasonably regularly just to get in the habit of writing again. I used to love to write, but then time and life and God knows what got in the way and I stopped. I’ve never been good about journaling, but I seem to do this a little more (well, at least a little).

Have you achieved any of them?

I don’t know. My original goals were sort of outward facing and I have no idea if anyone has found my journey or any of my struggles helpful. But, I think I’ve approached it honestly, so I can say I’ve achieved that one!

My goal of reasonable updates seem to be getting a little tattered these days.... Oops… Ok, I’m working on it.

Do you plan on having 6 more kids?

Not on your life! Or mine! Or my sanity! We’re starting to think about another one, but we’re more of the 2 or 3 at the max type. First, I’m 34, so 6 more kids (unless I become my own version of an octo-mom – but only 6, so that’s totally achievable, right?) isn’t all that realistic. But it was never a goal of mine anyway. I love my daughter and my husband and I love focusing our attention on her now. If we have a second, that’s fine, but we really don’t want a huge family. We want to love whatever (whoever) we get and not go crazy! ;)

I was at a family party this weekend and my aunt pointed out a niece on the other side of the family who has a 9 month older daughter and is expecting a sibling in November. She said – “no pressure, but” and introduced me. I looked at the Mom and said, “well, you’re a little crazy!” I think she took it the right way (but then later learned that her English isn’t so good, so she just might not have gotten it at all – which probably also works well).


  1. Follow up question - what's the husband think of the blog and does he read/comment?

  2. I think I began my blog with a lot of the same ideas - trying to work through all of the ups and downs on a quest for balance and wanting to share it. I think you definitely do manage to share the journey honestly with all of your readers, and as someone going through new motherhood as well, I appreciate reading about it!

    P.S. It's amazing how people love to ask if you're planning to have kids and once you do, if you're planning to have more. Wonder why the fascination, but I have to resist my own urge to do it, too. : )


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