Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The difference between men and women

Me: I know it'll be expensive, but I want to get some decent eye cream. I'm starting to get dark circles and I'm worried that I'll end up with those deep bags that really age your face.

Hubby: Hmm, do I have circles and bags too? (looking in the mirror) I kind of do. Maybe I should do something about that too (except he would never consider a moisturizer. It's too close to make-up, I think!)

Me: You know, what would probably make a real difference for you would be if you drank more water/stayed hydrated and used sunscreen.

Hubby: Yeah, but if I do that, then I won't look like a crusty old man!

Hmm...sort of the look I was trying to avoid for myself...


  1. Indeed. "Crusty old man" is a look we mothers live in fear of having! Good luck finding some fabulous eye cream!

  2. Oh, oh...Estee Lauder makes this FAB eye cream. I don't have the moolah to buy it - so I just steal some of my mom's stuff each time I go home. So far she hasn't noticed :) I'll have to get the name of it for you!


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