Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Round up

The other day my husband told me how he took our daughter out on a walk and, as she seemed to have energy to burn, he didn't put her in the stroller, but let her walk a bit. I was a bit unnerved - she's 16 months old and thinks the busy street is a good place to walk, but he explained that he was holding on to the back of her overalls so she couldn't go anywhere or really even fall.

I pictured him, hunched over, parading after her and thought about how uncomfortable that particular pose is for me (at 10 inches shorter) and said:

You know, I used to think leashes for kids were awful, but now... I can kind of see the benefit.

My husband said: Yeah, I know. But the choke chain is probably going too far.


  1. I really think those leashes are a great idea...especially the ones that look like little animal backpacks!! I'll buy mini-you a monkey one...I think she'll like it...then she can carry her own snacks too!!

  2. I never thought I would use a leash, but the monkey backpacks are pretty cute and I sympathize greatly with parents whose kids dart out into the street or into a crowd. We've been lucky so far that SP will hold our hands or sit in a stroller when we need him to, but this is one area that has taught me to be less judgmental than I was before becoming a parent!


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