Monday, June 7, 2010

My life is too exciting!

My husband's phone is not exactly working - he can text, but no one can hear him on it.

His text - headed to Safeway on the way home - where is your prescription to drop off?

My text - in my purse. I can stop at Safeway. What are we doing (healthy!) for dinner?

His text - leaving now. I'll meet you at Safeway.

I was left with only this to text - Our lives are just TOO exciting.

Ah the big Safeway date. Dude, it's not even wegmans! happy Monday all!

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  1. Hey you got out and were seen in public. I know there were times when going somewhere other than work was terribly exciting. And really a date is a date with the right attitude. At least it wasn't the hardware store.


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