Monday, May 3, 2010

Sometimes Monday morning lasts a few days and random musings for today

Why do I try to pack everything I need for the week into Monday morning before work? Seriously? I managed to get my laundry (and some of my husband’s - I find it hard to distinguish his clean clothes from his dirty based on his… unique storage system) done yesterday, but didn’t hit up the baby’s at all or things like towels. So first thing this morning, while the baby was still asleep, I put on the towels. Then once she was up (and my husband was watching her), I moved the towels and threw her clothes in – while deciding that I needed to pull tags off / wash a bunch of her new summer clothes, as she is growing and it is getting warmer. And this needs to be done... NOW.

Then I remembered that I wanted my husband to mail a birthday gift and the mother’s day gift for my Mom. Now the birthday gift is already nearly a month late – so CLEARLY, it needs to be mailed right now. Of course. And hey, as long as I’m doing that, I’ve got two new baby gifts to send – one, we haven’t even received the birth announcement on and the other sent our daughter a new baby gift for her first birthday, so they’ll understand if we’re late (they expect this of us anyway…). But no, it was really important to pull those together – to get the price tags off everything and wrap them (well, put them in gift bags). Right now. Of course. It goes without saying. What else would one do while running late for work on a Monday morning – besides move laundry?

I also decided that it was really important to micromanage my husband. My husband who watches this child on his own at least a day or two every week. And while I may tease him that she is dressed like Punky Brewster when I get home those days (he’s color blind. And not like typical male color blind, but actually doesn’t pass the spot test color blind. And also – typical male color blind…), she’s always happy and healthy and no worse for wear.

He was headed to his Mom’s. So I wrote out the list of things he needed to bring with him – things that needed to be returned to his Mom’s, the soup that the monkey is willing to eat pureed (his Mom is watching her several days this week, so this will save me from trying to fit all this into my Tuesday morning crazy) – you get the idea. I stopped short of packing the clothes for her. But let’s be honest – this is really only because now I was REALLY late for work.

I’m going to blame this level of crazy on the pure mad exhaustion that overcame me by the end of yesterday. The monkey is pushing through molars and because someone up there must hate me, Motrin was recalled this week. And my husband was spending the day with his dad. He got several – when are you coming home voicemails? And one “the dog just puked in the kitchen and it smells like have digested poop, kill me now,” text message. I wish I were making that last one up.

Happy Monday!

So how was your morning / weekend? ;) Just kidding! But I know we all have those days – those days where everything feels like it’s exploding at once – a teething toddler who won’t nap / a dog throwing up / and you don’t feel well – or something along those lines? What are you worst? How do you cope? What are your craziest doing chores like a mad woman first thing in the morning though they could totally wait stories?


  1. My house is an absolute wreck right now! And of course, today would be the day that someone shows up at my house! So that was the start to my Monday! Like you said it's just one of those days!

  2. I thought this was a normal day for everyone!


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