Wednesday, May 5, 2010

YARD SALE!!!! Woo woo!!!

At the beginning of the day, my husband said he thought it was “cute” how excited I got at the yard sale concept. By lunch, he could not be stopped.

Me: Honey, I think the baby needs to eat.
Him: Ok, just one more (I didn’t realize he meant neighborhood!)

Last Saturday was our community yard sale. The HOA sets up 2 Saturdays a year for everyone to have yard sales. If you go to the proprietary office on Wednesday, you can get a map of all the sales. We, of course, didn’t do this. That would have taken advance planning, so not really our style. But, that’s OK, as they were YARD sales – you can drive around and look in the, um, yards.

So we did and boy did the monkey ever make out!? She’s really about the perfect age for this – young enough to be super cute (don’t you want her to have this?), but mostly too young to market to (mostly! One person did try to convince her and/or me that she really wanted some little stuffed animal. Fail! She was interested, but then noticed sharp objects she shouldn’t be near and choking hazards and was WAY more interested in those.)

Several of my friends had recommended that we troll garage sales for any of the Little Tikes things or really any plastic outdoor tables / slides / etc. They tend to be expensive to buy new and they hold up really well, so they’re fine to buy used. Hence we bought her this little slide ($10).

We also got her an outdoor climb / slide / God knows what implement, but I couldn’t find a picture of that. (Also, it’s not currently put together, so God knows what a picture would look like…) It looked like it’s probably a bit bigger (still guessing on exactly what we’re getting for $20...)

But that was just the start! There was also a Noah’s ark ($4) – she’s played with this one at friend’s houses and loved it.

A dollhouse ($5).

A xylophone ($1 – it looked something like the attached, but this isn’t it. We also managed to knock this out of the car and break it on the way home…

And about a bazillion books. Or, well, maybe 13 books ($3).

We weren’t really looking for us, but someone was selling some decent area rugs for $5 each (and we’re in desperate need – yes, we will shampoo them first, Mom!) and a cool picture of the earth (that looks something like this, for $3)

Oh, and someone just gave us a ride on toy for her – I think he was pretty desperate not to have to bring it back inside!

So, yes, we went to A LOT of houses! But we done good!

Oh my God, my excitement at my life in suburbia is SO sad…


  1. Yard sales rock! I try to hit them in our town a couple of times a summer. We always get the best stuff. A bit more complicated to hold one yourself. Have not been that brave yet.

  2. Is it sad that I'm excited by the idea of this? That Little Tikes slide is a massive score. OMG.

    (PS. You broke my lazy streak and I think I forgot to tell you that your Ambien-related comment was pretty much the best comment yet.)

  3. Love, love the yard sales, even more than I love children's consignment stores! Our HOA is doing one in two weeks. Can't wait! You got some serious scores, especially on the outdoor equipment. I hope I'll find some equally great deals for my munchkin (and the one on the way) pretty soon. Well done!


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