Friday, April 30, 2010

On beach shares and mini-vans

This quote of the day came from a very good friend of mine who doesn't have kids. We were talking about a beach share that my family was thinking of doing with some other families. (It all got too complicated and we realize we wouldn't know most of the people there so we decided against it.)

My friend had said that every family has to "do the kids/house rental thing (and buy a mini van) so you might as well take your turn now. (buy the mini van)."*

She ended on this note for the quote of the day:

By the way, I was riding around in a mini van last night. It was like riding in a lounger. Mind you I got out and put on high heels with a cocktail to try and get the kid stench off me ;)

*We've had the "I'm NOT going to buy a mini van" discussion (the one that everyone has before they have a 2nd or 3rd kid each of whom has huge car seats / activities / stuff that makes the mini van ultimately become necessary. But I'm in denial) several times.

So, my thought/question for the day - what have you done that you said you'd NEVER do before kids? And how long did it take you to break down? What are you still holding on to (like we're holding on to the no mini van for now)?

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