Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mother's Day

I mentioned last week that we went away on Friday and Saturday. What I didn’t mention was that the combination of pollen and screaming (when I was awake. I can’t account for the blacked out parts…) pretty much destroyed my voice. On Friday afternoon it worked – sort of a sultry low voice. My husband kept asking me to say something sexy – like 'you can hold the remote.' But Saturday morning, it was just plain gone. I actually didn’t feel too bad – I just couldn’t speak much. You’d think this could work out well for my husband’s weekend, but instead he spent a lot of time hearing angry whispered “yells” from me telling him to STOP MAKING FUN OF ME!

We got to his parents house to pick up the baby and his family noticed my lack of voice right away. The husband looked at them and said, but don’t make fun of her for it – you’ll get in a lot of trouble.

And would you believe his Mom started making fun of me for it!?!?! Even noting, it’s OK, I won’t get in trouble / she won’t get mad at me. (!!!!!!) Ok, now NORMALLY I really love my mother in law. She’s (well, usually!) a very sweet lady and always very nice to me and doesn’t try to tell me what to do or how to raise my child or things I should do for her son – or ANY of those typical “mother in law” type things. But, dude, SERIOUSLY! You’re going to rank on the laryngitis! When your son just forewarned you about this.

Actually, she only did it once. Maybe she saw the look I shot her son as she whispered and faked sign language to me.

Anyway, we went to bed pretty early again (I was feeling wiped) and got to sleep through till 7:15 when the monkey decided it was time to be up! After her breakfast, my husband bundled her into the car to go buy bagels (my breakfast of choice) while I went back to bed. We finished up and got ready to go to church for 10:30. He was about ready to go (and laughed that I changed the baby from the jeans, red socks and colorful pink sweater into a little party dress. It was mother’s day after all!) when we noticed the baby looked exhausted. Church was NOT going to be fun. So we put her down for a nap and promptly fell asleep ourselves with plans to go at noon.

Well, thank goodness the “noon” mass is actually at 12:15, as I woke up at 12:14 with a SHIT! As I saw the clock (I like to throw in as many expletives as I can to celebrate the Sabbath… Yup, I’m an overachiever that way). We ran to get back out the door and then drove like “Catholics late for mass” (my husband’s universal expression for really, really horrible and impatient driving) and made it there horribly late – but it was our last church option, so we went with it. (It’s been a lot of years since I’ve slept through a noon mass – oh, I miss those days… ;))

Our afternoon was pretty low key. We FINALLY put up the baby gates on our stairs (something that will perplex the dog to no end for days to come!) and hung out till we met my in-laws for dinner. Late. As always.

I think we just might not be very good at low key…

Tell me about your Mother’s Day. Or how you have managed to combat the ever ongoing battle with late! (We won’t discuss how this post topic is a week late…)


  1. Laryngitis is no laughing matter. Especially when I get it. NOOOOOOOOO.

    Hey! Your blog has influenced my communication. You said that 'Catholics late for Mass' thing once before and now I use it all the time! LMAO

    Happy Late Mother's Day! Mine was decent. Got some jewelry, went out for Chinese food. :D

    (The Cute was angry during church on Mother's Day, too. I had to remove her for the first time ever. And not just because she kept ripping man-esque farts. OMG.)

  2. Meeee again!

    Yep, the Target diapers were decent, especially for the price. They're a little on the thin side and I wouldn't trust them overnight, but other than that? Not bad at all. There are reviews for them on the website, so maybe check and see if diaper rash is a common complaint with them before you try them.

    We use and love the Swaddlers. They DO have the new 'Dry Max' so even though they're called 'Sensitive' they are NOT, in my opinion. I've actually seen a lot of complaints about the new & 'improved' Pampers. I guess horrible rashes have happened to a lot of babies. : / The Cute isn't prone to diaper rash and seems to unfasten Huggies with a lot of ease (and that ain't fun) so we're still Pampers fans, but I don't blame you for never ever using them again.

    The Pampers issue is a massive hot topic amongst baby message boards. There is even a Facebook group about it. So yeah, blog about it! *Nag nag nag*



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