Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I've heard it called Snowpocalypse and SnOMG by many - and even snowtopia by the kids next door who haven't been to school all week (or last Friday) and seem unlikely to make it there the rest of this week (poor teachers - with the Monday holiday added in, it'll be like starting over). But whatever you want to call it - this is getting ridiculous! Is it any coincidence that our first year of home ownership (and therefore shoveling!) is one of the snowiest winters in DC? Someone is laughing at me up there! And then dumping more snow!

So let's give some highlights of the snow storm at the Casa de Crazy this week...

- The dog won't go out on his own in the snow. For the first storm I was at my inlaws (my husband was working and I pictured myself in thigh high snow with the baby strapped to my chest trying to coax the dog out to go and decided I'd prefer to stay there). In the morning, I tried to 'kick' him out the front door to go - he turned right around. I kept trying to coax him (in my slippers - I didn't want to go outside! I really prefer to pee inside myself...). Eventually my mother in law threw some cheerios outside to get him to go. He ran out after the cheerios, but still didn't go! We tried letting him out through the garage and finally he gave in to his bladder. Thank goodness!

- The snow is now about as tall as my daughter. I think it's a moral imperative to get a picture of her next to a snow bank - as well as next to our dug out path - one for the ages! Apparently there is a similar picture of my Mom from when she is 2 or 3 during a huge storm that year. But our camera doesn't seem to be working!!! UGH!

- If you're looking for all the milk and bread(in the world), it's at my in laws house. Now I know why there's not enough basic supplies at stores before storms. When I was there this weekend, I think they had 3 gallons of milk and about 8 loaves of bread (they'd each gone shopping separately).

- Most people should get off the roads when it snows. There was the lady who was speeding down the road that my husband yelled at to slow down (he always does this). She opened her window to explain that she was "from NY" and "in her element." Really? I'm from NJ. I don't care. This is a crapload of snow and you were going fast for clear roads! There was also the near fight at the Safeway parking lot between two drivers. I couldn't tell what it was over, but I've never heard the F bomb dropped so much outside an episode of the Jersey Shore.

- Updated - oh, and since we live in Mayberry... one of my older neighbors was out shoveling out his car this weekend and three different neighbors came to help him out - my hubby with the snowblower (and me with my pitiful shovel!), the teenage boy next door and the guy down the street (OK, so his wife made him). Actually, hopefully in the long run that's the sort of thing I'll think of when I think of Snowmaggeddon.

Make me not feel like the only one mother nature hates - tell me your snow / storm / weather related stories! (from this week or storm or old ones) And does anyone have any good ideas to get your dog to go out in the snow - short of shoveling the backyard (which we've been reduced to!)?

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  1. WE had a dog that hated to pee in the snow. She used to give us the stink eye every time it snowed, as if we could make it stop or something. However we rarely get really deep snow so I have no ideas on how the get the dog to go in the snow. Sorry.

    HTe one time we did get a deep snow I was seven months pregnant with my first son. I also lived two block from my workplace. My boss called me and asked nicely if I could go and cancel appointments for the day(Doctor's Office). I got to gerar up in my husbands snow clothes and waddle over to the office in two feet of snow. Fun times, fun times.


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