Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Learning to talk

I always wonder what to count as first words / when. She started saying Mama at about 8 ½ months and Dada about a week later – but sometimes they are just sounds that she enjoys. Sometimes to comical ends – like when she’s happily nursing away and then pulls off and looks up at me to joyfully squeal – “Daddy!”

She also sometimes says hi / dog / book / out / hot / cold / up, but I’m not sure there’s so much rhyme or reason… The latest word, though, is a doozy. This weekend she started saying “poop!” At first I thought it was Pope (man, are we that religious? I didn’t think so…), but soon realized my error. The funnier part was – upon checking her diaper, she was right! She woke up from her nap later and over the intercom we heard – poop! And yup, there you have it – another dirty diaper. Of course she also says it when she’s not dirty and doesn’t always say it when she is (possibly because our amusement at her verbalization there just delights her!), but thank goodness we really have the basics of vocabulary down… I’m working on transcendentalism with her next week.

What were your child’s first words? And what were the funny early words?


  1. Bruiser has not started saying real words yet. Turbo's first word that meant something was 'rah' while holding a rock. We are both geologists and we have a lot of rocks around so that was his first word that meant anything.

  2. My husband and I were the same way with my daughter. We were like, "At what point does her babbling become words?" I figure if it kinda sounds like the actual word and is said at an appropriate moment, it's a word. =) Her first word, under those criteria, was "mama," and her first phrase was, "Hi, Daddy!" Too sweet. She, too, likes to say "Daddy" at any moment, which makes me feel somewhat unappreciated when I've spent a whole day wiping her runny nose (and other things) and all she'll say to me is "Daddy." =)

  3. My little guy...I guess his first word, the word that he understands would be dada and then mama. It probably doesn't help that we point at ourselves and tell him all the time who we are.

  4. She sounds like a genius!

    The Cute's first word was 'Mama'. She whines it at me. 'Mammamamama'. She says 'Dada' to stuff she likes. And she says 'Goodgoodgood'. And 'Yeah', 'Hi' and 'Hey'. All of those are used randomly.

    'Goodgoodgood' in this little munchkin voice CRACKS me up.

    Her grandpa asks almost daily when she's going to say more words. I keep asking God when grandpa is going to SHUT UP.


  5. My daughter said dada first. Then mama.

    She did start saying pooped when she was one. Only it would come out poop ed. Two different words.

  6. LOL about "Pope" -- too cute!

    My daughter's first word was 'cheese' ... the girl LOVES cheese! haha

    Isn't this such a fun stage?



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