Monday, February 22, 2010

As seen on TV - All about MEme

Today's question from Supah Mommy and MommyBrain is to tell about your favorite "as seen on TV" products.

Well, I've already admitted to owning the clapper ( - sorry, linking isn't working for me today...) - something my husband now includes (as the piece de resistence) on our "come see our new home" tour.

Then there were the acne meds my dad got for me in HS - I don't even remember which they were (years before those endorsed by Jessica Simpson). He was a much bigger fan of As Seen on TV (ASOT) than I am. There was a long Home Shopping Network addiction that my Mom finally had to break him of... It was an ugly time and I don't want to talk about the intervention process. He's one of the few people I know who always regretted NOT buying something seen on TV. His "big regret" was the bike that folds up. I can't remember what it was called and when I tried googling - well, apparently there's a whole big market for this now, so I can't find that old original infomercial one (almost makes it seem like Dad had a point.... Nah!).

He wanted to buy the folding bike because he thought this would be perfect for my brother who took the train to HS. The train station was about 2 miles away and Dad had to get up in the morning to drive him there. He'd take the train in and then at the end of the day, walk to the library - where my Mom worked - and get a ride home. Or, on occasion, walk home. Now maybe his desire for this bike came after he broke his foot jumping into his jeans at whatever hour in the morning to drive my brother to the train... Or maybe he was just getting sick of running out so early (fair enough!). Whatever the case - he was convinced this was the solution to all life's problems. My brother could ride this bike to the train, fold it up and take it on the train to school. Then ride it from the train station to school! There were possibly a few small problems with this...

1. Yeah, you totally want to be the freshman with the folding bicycle. Cause freshman year at a new school isn't hard enough - let's add an ASOT purchase to that mix...

2. My brother is one of the least athletic people out there. Seriously. He's totally going to ride his bike 5 miles a day rather than getting a ride. Especially when the weather is less than ideal. I see this happening...

3. Any high school kid is going to wake up early to ride their bike to the train rather than get a ride...

But alas, the great fold up bicycle remained a pipe dream. And by his sophmore year, they decided to start sending a bus to our neighborhood!

So what about you? Leave a comment on your favorite as seen on TV items or head over to Supah's to join today's challenge. Or tell me your favorite proposed uses for a 15 or 20 year old fold up bike... ;)


  1. My mom can't get out as much as she'd like (health) so she has a total QVC addiction. I try to return most of the items, but feel guilty about all the shipping my Dad ends up paying out for nothing :(

  2. Fold up bike, awesome! I would have loved one in highschool. I'm sure your brother would have loved getting beat up and having his folding bike stolen, lol. :P

  3. My husband bought a "relax the back" and it now sits under his desk. Nice

  4. I never heard of the folding bike. They come up with some interesting things. I have friends who love QVC. I prefer shopping in person personally.

  5. Bwahaha.

    I've had to stop The Bottomless Pit a gazillion times...he's an infomercial whore. And quite gullible.

    I'm pretty jealous of The Clapper, though. I just clapped. Nothing turned On OR Off. Pathetic.


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