Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Blogging for dummies....

Yeah, so that new header didn't work out so well... What's truly sad is - I didn't think I saved it. But apparently I did. Is there anyone stupider than me out there?

And yes, by the way, yesterday when I said I couldn't get links to work, that does mean that apparently I've forgotten how and can't seem to figure it out again.

Really, seriously, there are dumber people somewhere in the world... right?

Make me feel better and tell me the dumbest thing you've done recently or the stupidest mistakes you've made blogging. Feeling like the only dumb person is really putting a crimp in my Tuesday. (It doesn't help that we seem to be out of coffee...)

1 comment:

  1. My stupidity knows no bounds. This weekend I wanted to update the contact information on my one site. It should have taken 10 minutes. It took more like two hours and it's still not right. I can't figure out why things that I want to be underneath one another keep showing up next to each other.


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