Friday, December 18, 2009


Ah thank God the time has finally come! My in-laws have been amazing in their generosity with us as they’ve opened up their home, but it is definitely time to go. We went to the final walk through for the new house and it is now ours. And we are discovering the “joys” of homeownership right away…

Every time we’d seen the house before it was jam packed with stuff! There was barely an inch of floor space. So when we’d seen the carpets upstairs, we knew that they were a bit worn and we’d need to replace them in the next few years. But we figured we had a few years. With ALL the furniture gone, it turned out there were - what we are politely calling lots of pet stains. Less politely, it looks like the dog must have pooped all over one room and in many places in a second. Actually, checking the stains on the carpet that we could see before – those were probably cleaned up poop stains. Anyway, the carpet absolutely has to go – as my husband said, he wouldn’t let the dog in there, never mind his 9 month old!

The other issue is there was no rough in for plumbing in the basement. Again, the basement was jam packed with stuff, so we could never see the exact area where it should be, but every time we came, they assured us it was there. Now that it was finally empty – no rough in. To be fair, my husband asked the owner to show him where it was. She went downstairs and pointed, saying, there it is. He responded – that’s the sump pump. (As an aside, yes, I totally would have believed that was whatever you told me it was as well. Well, maybe I could recognize a sump pump… but I’m not sure.)

Because we did the leaseback, we’ve already settled and can’t go through this at settlement. However we did a hold a security deposit with the title company, so now we have to start negotiating on that. Unfortunately, the security deposit isn’t really enough to cover all that’s missing, but as my husband is handy, I think we can make it work – not that we’ll likely get the whole thing. It’s all just such a pain and we really want to be done with it.


  1. At least you have a place to call your own...that is the one big hurdle.


  2. We had some issues with homes that we looked at last year too. Owners saying one thing and then you look a little closer and it's not quite what you thing. Good Luck! It will be worth it in the end.


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