Wednesday, December 9, 2009

9 months – out as long as in

The little monkey is now 9 months old – meaning she has been outside as long as she has been in. And, sadly, this is totally feeling like an accomplishment to me! I remember reading a friend’s blog years ago about one of her kids birthdays – she said that she felt like every birthday was an accomplishment / a validation – like, hey, I’ve managed to keep these beings alive for another year! At the time, I didn’t get it (I was sort thinking – shouldn’t their birthday be more about them / their accomplishment), but I’m starting to now. Before she arrived, I was so worried we’d permanently scar her (be it emotionally, mentally or physically!) by this point, that I feel like there’s almost relief that it doesn’t FEEL LIKE we’ve totally screwed up yet. Although she is spoiled and plays us like a piano (look who’s still sometimes waking up at night in no predictable pattern!). But I think she’s mostly spoiled the way babies should be – she’s totally “over-loved” by parents and grandparents and tons of extended family! And, in turn, we, as her parents are totally spoiled by their love and generosity!

But that wasn’t so much the point of this (must be getting into the holiday spirit!). It’s just amazing to me how quickly so much time has passed. I was warned it would – but still can’t believe it. It’s amazing to me all that has changed in the last 9 (and 18) months – to think, a year ago, I was still anticipating her arrival. A year ago was my baby shower where I got so much pink stuff I became utterly paranoid that the sonogram would be wrong and she wouldn’t actually be a girl and I’d be in trouble!

It’s hard to remember my life before her. At times I do long for just a day or two of sleeping in, getting to relax with a book and a glass of wine or having a night out with friends, but mostly it seems like my life must have been a little empty before her because it’s so full of her now!

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  1. I love this post!! The babe is 5 months old today and I can totally understand where you're coming from when it comes to worrying about screwing up the babe. When we left the hospital I was shocked that they actually allowed us out the door...I was sitting there thinking, "um, I go...walking out the door...with a BABY" and no one was stopping us! Craziness!!



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