Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This would be cute if it weren't so sad

My daughter is teething (oh is she ever!) and was up a bit last night and then completely awake at 6:30 this morning. My alarm hadn't gone off yet to get up and get ready for work, so I tried to rock her back to sleep, but this tired baby was having NONE of it. My husband was not yet home (he works 24 hour shifts). This should make getting ready interesting...

I fed her some breakfast (and fed the dog breakfast as he kept barking at me) and tried to convince her she wanted to go back to sleep (right....). So I thought - OK, if I want to shower, we're going to have to get creative. Our master bath has a shower with glass doors, so I could watch her (of course, I don't usually use this bathroom because it also seems to have a bit of a mold problem in there at the moment. I don't want to discuss it...). I brought in a few toys and figured she could play and I could shower. In the back of my head, I sort of knew, the whole shower would be spent jumping out to move her away from all the non baby proofed items in that room. I was wrong...

I forgot about the teething clinginess. She spent the entire time standing outside the glass doors and trying to find a way in while howling! She tried to get her little fingers between the doors. She banged on the glass. When I opened the door a sliver to reach out for my towel, she tried to squeeze her little body through (and wound up with a very wet sock).

Oh man - sounds like a good opportunity for a mental health day...


  1. Yes! We have been having this shower problem for months--wish I could blame it on teething clinginess! I used to put him in his bouncy seat & he did great at that age, but once he started moving he started freaking out whenever I got in the shower. So now I either have to a) take a shower when Hubs gets home from work or b) take a bath & let Lboy play in the floor w/toys. He usually spends this time throwing his toys into the tub while I try to get clean & dodge flying objects! Good luck with the teething! I know it sucks! My lil dude is cutting 5 teeth right now, it's not fun!

  2. The visual of this is just soooo sad and soooo cute. AWWWWWWWWW!

  3. I have had many, many sowers like this...{sigh}

  4. You aren't alone!! No matter WHAT I just can't get in a shower when The Babe is awake. She could have all the toys in the WORLD in front of her, but somehow she makes her way into the bathroom and starts beating on the glass shower door...can't a mama catch a shower-break??


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