Friday, April 2, 2010

Speaking from the Crib - guest post

Sorry for the late notice on this! But if you're looking for me today, I am visiting (guest blogging) at Kelly's blog -

Stop by to see me there - and check out Kelly's site while you're over there! She's a very funny blogger with some great posts!



  1. <3ed your post! Nice job!

    Regarding the baby food situation...hmmm. I didn't have to deal with a tricky gag reflex, but I think what helped my daughter was seeing other people or babies eating "big girl food." That's how I get her to try most things - I start eating off her plate.

    She might like the yogurt things that gerber makes that dissolve, so they require less swallowing of chunks food. My daughter also loved puffs. Now, we're facing the problem where she wants to only feed herself, so she makes a HUGE mess with trickier foods like mashed potatoes or rice!

    Keep us posted on her progress!

  2. Great post! I had stories coming from both sides about the baby blues: my mother who had 5 children warned pretty good, stayed with me for 2 weeks, & kept me going. My MIL only had one & didn't remember much. I swear my mother had it all scarred into her memory of how the first few days were b/c she did it so.many.times....

    I'm in the SAME boat as you with the baby food situation! My lil dude is 10 months old & refuses to eat anything with texture. But he will eat the Gerber Graduates Mild Cheddar Crunchies. He loves those! And the Gerber Graduate Yogurt Melts-strawberry & mixed berry are his favorite. These & the crunchies dissolve pretty fast, so she might like them. But when it comes to something other than snack food he freaks! Have you thought about talking to her doctor about it?

    Good luck! And like Grace's Mom said, keep us posted!

  3. Great post. My youngest is 21 (YEARS) so I'm going from memory (that is going...) Does Gerber still make those teething sticks? We used to put the kids in the high chair with one of have to keep an eye on them, but the biscuit is a really hard cookie that the baby can gum up and it gets mooshy (and really messy...) But they learn how to eat. That and feeding her the 'good stuff' - mashed potatoes and whatnot from your plate.

    Oh, and don't worry about her not eating meat, some babies just don't like it, and you can get them protein through eggs and stuff (my middle didn't really start eating meat until he was a toddler.)

    Good luck!!

  4. Great post! Saw you over at Speaking From The Crib.

    My twins loved the Gerber stuff---puffs, the Gerber Graduates ravioli, biter biscuits, etc...they also loved pretzel rods--which are messy, but easy for them to grab and gnaw on.

    Toast w/ a little butter to make it soft. graham crackers (messy). scrambled eggs. tiny bits of your deli meat. pancakes. cheerios.

    I read somewhere you have to offer up a new food at least 20 times before you can determine whether baby actually does/doesn't like it....the key is to keep offering it...

  5. Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions! She is getting to be a somewhat better eater, but it is definitely a slow progress... I met one Mom who said - oh, my boys wouldn't eat solids till 14 months, you just have to be patient. I asked - what did you do (to get him to eat them)? She said - I just didn't worry about it. I wonder how one does that...


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