Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Somehow the whole day was gone trying to sleep. Which never quite happened. So it just kind of sucked. But then we were grown ups again.

The title sums up quite a lot of my Friday and Saturday.

After Thursday, I started the day Friday exhausted. My husband got held over at work which meant that he got home around lunch - I was counting the hours. All day we both felt beat and sort of lounged around the family room - but with a toddler, so no real sleeping actually happened and that "hint" of sleep (so close, I can almost taste it but alas, no) felt possibly worse than actually running around all day would have.

Much of Saturday felt the same. Till finally as the monkey and I were sobbing together about her inability to fall asleep, my husband decided to take her for a ride and leave me to sleep. I blessed him, but then felt horribly guilty and whormonally (thank you, Single Girl! -
http://domesticationofthesinglegirl.blogspot.com/) cried again for awhile.

I HATE those type of days.

But then Saturday night we went out to a party downtown. It was my friend's birthday and she and her roommate had commandeered the party room in their condo as well as the balcony (an awesome location overlooking the China town arch) to celebrate. Suddenly I saw friends I hadn't seen in ... God knows how long. Adult beverages were served (and this is one of my cool friends, so real adult beverages - mixed drinks, but tons of prosecco and bellinis and wine and microbrews and, oh crap, I'm not drinking. Damn it.) and adult conversations had. But she also had a pinata (I was the muscle behind finally breaking this one too. And was then accused of juicing...). .

The one downside was talking to all my childless friends who planned to sleep till noon the next day and maybe shower by 2 or so.


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  1. I was typing a comment and I wandered off. When I came back The Cute was at the keyboard. So whatever got sent is not my responsibility.

    But I was saying that the blogger that you linked to sounds amazing, and right all the time, and like she has a fabulous metabolism. She should eat some snickerdoodles. NOM.

    YES for breaking that pinata. I've never gotten one but my coordination was always off. Like, way off. (I wonder if drinking had anything to do with that?)

    I've drifted off in the living room, just to the point of disorientation as The Cute naps on the floor. Then, right in my face "OBBADA WOBBADA!!!!!"

    Not cool, munchkins. Not cool at all.


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