Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I really thought the potty mouth would come from my husband

Now that the monkey is almost 18 months, she’s really starting to pick up on language and try to repeat things. We’ve been trying to take advantage of this to teach her some basic words and work on repetition. My Mom was here last week and decided to work on the dog’s name – Shiloh.

No, we did NOT name our dog after that Jolie Pitt kid. Our dog is 10. Maybe she was named after him.

So my Mom said – Shi-loh, can you say Shiiii-looooh? The monkey looked at her and said shit. Every time my Mom tried to turn that into Shiloh, the monkey said shit. I tried saying “Loh. Can you say loh?” She looked at me said – shit.

Yesterday we were upstairs playing in her room when the dog started barking downstairs. She started calling Shit. If you didn’t know what she meant, it really sounded like – oh shit, that damn dog is barking again. Great.

My husband looked at my Mom and pointed out that he had actually been working on cleaning up his language around the baby – thanks a lot, lady.


  1. Wait until the first real bad word comes out. We had to tell garndpa the clean up his language when driving around Turbo. And they alway use it so appropiately too.

  2. I agree with VandyJ, my 3 and 4 year old are advanced at cursing and it horrifies me (because it is partially my fault). The day your baby drops the f-bomb is one of sadness. My only happiness was that my boys use their curse words in the appropriate context even if it is an inappropriate behavior.

  3. i think it was around that age that my son decided to follow in his dads footsteps by exclaiming f*#! sakes when he knocked over some of his toys...

    lately i've got my youngest (8yrs) calling people a$$holes on the playground...*sigh*

    see how thoughtful i am as a new commenter to bleep my potty mouth?!

    you're welcome;)


  4. Your two choices: 1) rename dog or 2) keep dog and Monkey apart until Monkey is 15. Good luck...

    Come visit when you can...

  5. When my sister came to visit one weekend, she told my son it was time to change his britches. Imagine her horror when he repeated the phrase... without the r in britches! He thought her look and my gasp were so funny that he said it over and over the whole weekend... but then he moved onto other words. So this too shall pass... into bigger and better embarrassments!

  6. I'm losing it.

    Between this post and some of the comments!


    One of my first words was 'shit'. It's right there in my baby book. Mama, Dada, Kitty, Shit.


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