Monday, August 9, 2010

My God if you'd only STOP BREATHING (at least so loudly)!

Have you ever been stuckwith a heavy breather?

No, no - not in the dirty sense (this time. I think I worked with a few of those too. Probably a more interesting story if I work through that... Hmm...). Just someone who breathes REALLY loudly all the time. It's like ... daytime snoring!

I try not to say too much about people I know that I wouldn't also say to their faces. Yeah, yeah, this is anonymous so it doesn't matter and all that, but still. It's anonymous so I can be honest about me / my feelings.

So that friend I made fun of for sending out a mass email every week about every poop and breath her son had won't catch on...

But anonymous doesn't really give me license to just be mean and inconsiderate. I try to avoid talking about the topics (ok, people) who drive me to that. But today...

I work in an office. Not just an office building, but randomly most people who work here have actual walled offices (don't get some crazy silly impression I'm important and executive. I'm not. It's just our layout). Now this is usually nice in that it does cut down on the amount you have to listen to some of the annoying habits / conversations of coworkers and gives you some quiet space to get work done. But somehow the distance across the hall is not enough today!

I just had to get up to close my door because the guy next door was actually breathing SO LOUD that not only could I hear it, but it was getting REALLY annoying. (Note - no, not the first time.) I don't think he's asleep in there (i.e., actually snoring. Anyway, most people don't snore this loud. Ok, maybe they do...). And, I've walked past - he's not working out or doing anything physical. These are desk jobs.

Here's the worst part though - I mean, how on earth can you possibly complain about that? You sound like a crazy person! Seriously - you're whining that someone is breathing too loud? I'm going to go home and tell my husband and he'll likely accuse me of being hormonal

Except that he's heard about this guy before and has seen him, so there's a chance he'll know enough to believe it of him.

Like the woman in an old office who complained that a coworker typed too loud.

Although I did later sit next to the loud typer and with those long acryllic nails, I had to admit... Never mind, never mind!

So - what drives you nuts? Give me your weirdest / lamest / sounds most ridiculous and petty example. Don't leave me hanging here!


  1. Sometimes Turbo-my seven year old-just makes the most annoying sounds, just being him, but they send me up the wall.

  2. Those that want to make every day movie day at school!

    Come by when you can...

  3. My piano instructor used to have long, looong, acrylic nails and it was soooo annoying. StopclickingstopclickingOMGSTOP.

    The Bottomless Pit is a horrid eater. He doesn't close his mouth all the way, he smacks, he makes 'MMM' noises. It's kind of scary how enraged I get about it. IT's SO ANNOYING.

    I'm lol-ing about the email, by the way. Good stuff.

    And I HAVEN'T watched 13 going on 30 but now I want to. I'm gonna check my On Demand. It's gotta be there.

    Can you believe I'm STILL singing that song?

    We Are Younggg...

    *gets in your head*

  4. By the way,

    My expert take on this situation.

    Are you good at blank, confused faces? I am. Try to look stupid. Go up to Dude's desk. 'Are you ok? You are? OMG. I thought you were dying in here. Your scared me!' *Toss hair. Giggle* 'I get it. You were ASLEEP! Were you snoring? It was so LOUD.' Then you wander off. Mmmhmm.

  5. Trust me.

    I'm a blogger.

    (I'll leave you alone now.)



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