Thursday, August 5, 2010

Google is now a standard install on your toddler

The other day my husband was dropping our daughter off at his Mom’s. She was showing the monkey her new books to play with and other toys. This lasted a few minutes till the monkey put down the book, went over to the computer, pointed at it and said “Google.”

As she is spoiled as all heck, they turned on the computer for her, but it didn’t open to the standard Google screen. She looked at them again and pointing to the screen said, “Google.” So they brought up the Google screen and she started typing away – ah yes, Google. I know – the yahoo algorithms really just don’t work as well, do they, baby?


  1. This kills.

    Lovelovelove it.


    The Cute knows how to operate a mouse. And unlock my iPhone. They can exchange business cards!

  2. We're raising techy babies!!

    Come by when you can...


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