Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Is learning how to manipulate grandparents against parents by 19 months impressive or just scary?

My Mom is visiting this week to watch the monkey for us while my mother in law is on vacation (she usually watches her one, or possibly three(! depending on my husband's schedule) days a week).

Yesterday I came home and my Mom told me how good she'd been. No crying and hardly any whining all day. Happy and helpful and listened - all those things.

Within a few minutes of me arriving home - whining and crying had started. My Mom looked at her and said - what is this? I just finished saying how good you were!

The monkey has learned the importance of grandparents and begun to master toddler-dom. Ah, I am so "proud," young grasshopper. (But still tired, so could you PLEASE quit whining?!)

Well, truthfully, she hasn't totally mastered manipulation. I mean she TOTALLY showed her hand in front of Grandma at the end there. (Whatever. Maybe she also realizes she's an only grandchild and is going to be completely spoiled regardless.)


  1. I love it. My kids would do that all of the time too. This is such a fun stage!

  2. It's a right of passage for all children and what grandparents are good for!

    Come by when the whinning has stopped...

  3. I know exactly what you mean.

    The Cute refuses to show her true colors around other people, out in public, anything of that sort. As soon as she is home she will completely melt. Especially the day after we have taken her somewhere. (We've started calling the next-day meltdowns 'hangovers'.)

    This is so awkward because I sound like I'm so full of it when I turn down an invitation somewhere because my mini-human will turn baby-monster. Everyone always says 'Oh, but she is always so well behaved'.

    She's an amazing girl but people just don't KNOW.


    It's really scary how smart they are, huh?

  4. Ooops...almost forgot. Hurricane Earl turned out to be all talk & no action. THANK GOD. Even though the news was predicting death & destruction. With people walking casually in the background. WTF.


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