Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Amber is the color of your energy, but red?

Because I apparently like to be stressed and unsure of myself...

I joined this playgroup on Thursdays (starting in October) called "Little Sponges." It's 5 or 6 moms/kids and there are 3 activities each week. Each mom has to plan one activity (although the organizer seems to have managed to leave her name off the planning lists... Hmm...) - either music, art or reading.

OK, sure.

The organizer (who a few weeks ago mentioned fears that her child could be color blind, though she's not yet 2, so I think she just doesn't know her colors yet. I digress) just happened to pick an "easy" theme of colors for the semester. Each week is a different color.

The first week is red. And I've got music.

Now there are lots of songs on colors - but on a single color? I'm coming up with "You can't ride in my little red wagon..." I looked online and found SOME more songs (most are multiple colors).

But now I'm left wondering how to 'entertain' half a dozen kids ranging from under a year to probably 2 and half for 20 minutes with songs? (I should probably mention here that I'm just barely a step above tone deaf.) I mean, my daughter actually loves music, but I can't see entertaining her this way. Maybe itsy bitsy spider... But spiders aren't red! usually... Could I pull that off?

So far I've decided - I'm not signing alone for 20 minutes! I've found some lyrics (generally to well known tunes) and will print them for the other moms to join. Maybe I'll print some pictures of the objects... a red apple, a red wagon, a red fire truck... Um, yeah, I think I might be done now...

I should mention the woman organizing is a former teacher / administrator and has suggested that all this will be easy (did I mention she's not signed up for any lessons?). Having no teaching experience and generally finding myself to be a totally crap teacher, I'm not really finding that to be the case!

I welcome all suggestions!


  1. You gotta start calling Miss 'It's SO Easy' out. You gotta.

    Very smart of you to print out lyrics. I'm impressed.

    I had no idea playgroups were...so much work! The ones we did consisted of munchkins sitting together and waving blocks at eachother. (Not real playgroups. :p)

    If I come up with anything I'll get back to you. : /

  2. I didn't think playgroups took this much work!

    I think making songs about red objects is the way to go.


  3. The Cute and I are bums. I taught her by getting her out of her crib at 7 when she was teensy, and bringing her back to my bed with me. We would snuggle and sleep until 9 or 10.

    Now she goes to bed around 7:30 and sleeps until at least 9, most mornings. She is a crab if she gets up any earlier. She rarely naps during the day. The only downside is that sometimes we have morning appointments. And church. She's usually quite mean after both.

    I will never be a morning person, ever, and it looks like The Cute is gonna take after me. :p

  4. Aaaahhh I forgot to tell you about the Chinese Gender Chart. It's some stupid chart that was supposedly made in ancient China that predicts a baby's gender based upon the mother's age when baby was conceived and what month conception took place in. I thought it was the dumbest thing I'd ever heard of but everyone I talk to claims that they've never heard of it being wrong. How can that be? I think the one I looked at was on Babycenter but I'm all over the place so I really can't remember.


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