Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Today's message brought to you by the letter g

I recently noticed that the monkey seems to drop the last “g” a lot – you know, she says: I’m comin’. And what are you doin’ (or more whatcha doin’)? So I thought – ok, she must get this from me. I’ll have to watch that and try not to do it. Then I remembered a friend telling me that my NJ accent came out more when I drank, as I started dropping (droppin’) g’s then. Now I haven’t been drinking (drinkin’) a lot (I actually pretty much gave it up for Lent in a bid to FINALLY lose the last 5 lbs and get back to my pre-baby weight), but I figure drunk is kind of like tired – esp. in speech. So, here’s the thing (thin’). I think I’ve just been tired for two years…


She also repeated me when I said holy crap the other day! The funny part is – in my head, I though, I’m cleaning myself up so I don’t say the other. But then she repeats my new one and I think – well, darn – I don’t want her to say that either! (And this is when I start to realize what a bad speller I am / how much I rely on spell check… Most condemningly, I can’t verbally spell stupid.


  1. It's amazing what seems so "dirty" coming from little ones, that seems fine from adults, if we notice it at all :)

  2. Isn't it horrible when you suddenly realize that they turn into parrots at a certain age? And that you only realize it when they repeat only the dirty words you say?

    Yeah, I've been there. LOL


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