Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Alcoholism is a lifelong disease, so I don't see why I need to fix it this week.

Sorry for the blogging hiatus. Realistically - it's not over.

Work has been crazy. I've been cranky (or just in a bad mood for weeks on end?). This actually wouldn't stop me from subjecting you to this (don't get me wrong!), but I'm frazzled and just haven't had a lot of time to torture you this way.

Quotes of the last week:
(beyond my title which I actually did say to my husband after another harrowing day of training)

My husband as I opened a bottle of wine at the end of my first day of training when I got home around 8 after spending 11 hours with a visiting coworker: Yeah, I thought you'd need that. What took so long?

My mother in law on hearing about the above: You don't really need a glass - a straw will do.

Me, after the first bottle was kicked. OK, not all in one night! I know I totally just lost street cred: I realize that opening up another bottle of wine tonight may be a sign of alcoholism. I don't care. I'm going to deal with that next week.

Great they are all about drinking too much... Crap. I was trying to be funny and now I might actually have to do something about that. And THIS is why I stopped blogging!


  1. You are funny. Me I would have skipped the wine and gone right for a bottle of scotch, or better yet a triple martini

  2. I'm going to keep a regular supply of straws from now on. I love your MIL.

  3. Would you be kind enough to have a mimosa for me? And describe it? Brut? Just HOW bubbly is it? Orange juice ratio? 2/1? 1/3?

    (This is where I realize that the saying about pregnancy cravings directing you towards what you are lacking for best possible health & development of precious baby are very much untrue.)

  4. And I meant 2/3 but it's hard to type with one fist full of cheetos.

    : /


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